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You’ll find it simple to switch to HERE to create location-aware applications. Our expansive range of SDKs and APIs are intuitive and reliable, and available through our Freemium plan for developers.

First, create a Freemium account

There’s no credit card required and sign up is simple.

Upon acceptance of the terms you’ll gain access to an extensive range of HERE APIs and SDKs to build location-aware applications for free with the following limits:

  • Up to 250K transactions a month
  • Up to 5K monthly active users
  • Up to 250 managed assets
  • Including commercial use
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Learn the basics


What else can you do?


Park and ride routing with the HERE Intermodal Routing API         

Find out more >


Add weather conditions to your Android app                                    

Find out more >


Build your own sightseeing app with Garmin Connect IQ and the HERE Location APIs

Find out more >

Want to see more?

If you have any initial queries, you can contact us by email, view hands-on examples from our developer evangelists on our Blog or ask a question on Stack Overflow.

Get hands-on with the HERE Developer Blog >

Ask a question on Stack Overflow >

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