Whitepaper: Leveraging Social Data to Build Better Navigation Tools

How to Close the Gender Gap in Map Usage

Creating innovative products requires more than analyzing usage data to build new features; It also requires getting deep insight into how people think about real problems and how they engage with technology to solve them. In this study, HERE researchers teamed up with researchers at FACE and Pulsar to understand the gender differences that drive behavior among users of navigation services.

In this whitepaper, the authors discuss:

  • The way how to combine traditional market research methods with new innovative behavioral data, quantitative social media data
  • Methods for using social data to gain deeper insight into user perception, cognition and reasoning for user behavior
  • The differences between women and men in how they use navigation technology and what they expect from it

Download the Whitepaper

About the authors:

  • Anja Niehof, Head of Consumer & Customer Insights, Marketing Intelligence at HERE
  • Jess Owens, Associate Research Director at Pulsar
  • Riki Neill, Research Director at FACE